Our Alumni


Awaly started with us at 6 weeks old! As a young scholar Awaly was inquistive, compassionate and determined. After aging out of our program Awaly continued full steam ahead and received scholarships eventually landing her at Penn State University.

Ouleye started with us at the age of 9. Since aging out of our program, we have journeyed with her through high school and her study abroad in France and graduation from Temple University. Upon graduation Ouleye paid it forward by teaching our preschool children French!



Lynette graduated our pre-kindergarten program where always demonstrated a love for learning and strong passion for music. Currently, she not only excels in her academics but has also developed a love for playing the harp!

Payton attended and graduated our pre-kindergarten program. As a student Payton displayed great aptitude in achieving academic goals. She often assisted her classmates and teachers with completing projects and special task. Her higher level of thinking and personality earned her a space in a nationally ranked private school.